ROTC Leadership Excellence

Learn to Lead

Leadership is an essential skill for all United States Army Officers. As a Cadet in the Trojan Battalion, you will learn the necessary skills to be an effective leader both on the field and in the classroom. The Army ROTC program at University of Southern California has a long tradition of providing cadets with the opportunity to grow and succeed in challenging situations. Through careful instruction, Cadets can expect to implement their leadership skills to uniquely distinguish themselves from their peers.


Career Options

Build Your Future

There are many careers to choose from in the United States Army. Being the largest branch among the five services branches, the Army prides itself on offering exceptional opportunities in a diverse range of fields. As an officer, you can expect to lead highly trained teams in a field of your choosing. From soaring the skies to leading troops on the ground, Army ROTC provides the opportunity for you to put your best foot forward.


Create your own opportunity.

Scholarships and Support

The wide range of scholarships and stipends offered through Army ROTC help you focus on what's important: getting a world class education — not worrying how you'll pay for one. On top of our traditional scholarships, we offer Army Nursing Scholarships, Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships (GRFD), and Green to-Gold Scholarships


Two, three, and four-year scholarship options.

Full-tuition scholarships or room and board payments.

Allowances for books and fees.